Pattern Testing

I love the help, advise and input I receive from all of my pattern testers! Before I started writing my own patterns I tested for other designers. I still enjoy doing so! Helping other designers perfect their patterns before release is something I really enjoy and take great pride in. Here are just some of the patterns I have had the privilege of testing…

owl shawl done1

This beautiful Owl Shawl was the first test I ever did for Spider Mambo!

Find more of her work on Facebook and Ravelry.


This adorable (and not at all scary) clown was made from Odessa Tilly’s pattern.

Find her on Ravelry and her blog.

Lilliputti test

This gorgeous bonnet was tested for Lilliputi. Isn’t it adorable? Pattern hasn’t been released as yet but I’ll add the link here when it’s ready to go.

Find her on Facebook and Ravelry.


Meet Captain Jacknabbit, Pirate of the High Seas! Such a cute plushie pattern from Amigurmi by Ms Pots!

Find her on Ravelry and her blog.

blanket test

This beautiful baby blanket was so quick to come together. Find the pattern here.

Find more of Robin’s work on Ravelry.

These are just a handful that I’ve had the privilege of testing.

I’ll be sure to share some more another time! In the meantime, enjoy! ♥


Twitch Cheese Mouse Lovey

Don’t you just love those middle of the night sudden hits of inspiration? Well that’s exactly how this lovey came about! Almost asleep and then BAM! Idea!

So far no two of my loveys have been the same and I love that they’re all unique and keeping with a ‘theme’.

This one follows on after my pattern for Twitch.

The pattern for Twitch Cheese Mouse Lovey can be found here.

Twitch cheese full

Who wouldn’t want to snuggle with this little guy? ♥

Lovey Love

It seems a lot of wee little ones are enjoying the comfort of a crochet lovey! Well, after creating my first Bumble bee Lovey, I knew they’d keep coming! My lovey designs are a little different to the norm. They’re all unique in their design so I hope you enjoy them as much as I do! Check them out on Ravelry:

Bumble bee Lovey blossomed to life after my Twist and Twirl Bumble bees.


Going Bananas Monkey Lovey came about after Mitch the Monkey finished his banana!


(Happy as a) Pig in Mud Lovey popped into my head after Percival the dapper pig was born.

pig in mud2


Mini Myths

Mini Mythsminimyth3

Introducing my latest crochet pattern to be released…

Mini Mythology – Minotaur, Medusa and Hydra!

I love these little ami guys! Minotaur stands the tallest at 13cm! They’re great for a little bit of imaginative play don’t you think?

The pdf pattern includes all three designs and can be found on Ravelry here: Mini Mythology


Welcome to Neen’s Crochet Corner!

I’ve been pondering upon the idea of having another outlet for people to view my creations so, well, here it is! Going to give this a go and see if it works. I hope you decide to come along for the journey and enjoy my crochet designs.

Happy crocheting,