Greetings Earthlings!

I’ve been a little quiet of late but here is my latest addition. Standing at about 8.5cm tall, he comes in peace. 👽

There’s no stitching together of pieces with this one which is always a bonus when it comes to making crochet toys!

His wee little arms are made first and then he is crocheted from head to the bottom of his ship as one piece, crocheting the arms in with his body as you go.

How easy does that sound? 😀

👽 Find him on Ravelry: Little Alien in Spaceship 👽aliencollage


How easy was Tat!

Yes, how easy was it to fall in love with tatting?

It’s been a little over a week since I started and I have finally placed an order for some proper tatting needles (insert excited squealy noises here!) I got a little tired of jabbing myself in the finger with the doll needle and I’m enjoying tatting enough to warrant acquiring the necessary tools to progress!

Here are some little pretties I’ve made whilst practicing, along with some ideas for their uses. Hoop arts, headbands, card making, appliques…I’m sure any crafty person could find somewhere to use these little lovelies!


What a wonderful art tatting is. There are some absolutely stunning pieces out there! I truly hope more take it up so it doesn’t become a craft that is lost!


Magic in My Garden!

I don’t think we’re ever to old to believe in a little bit of magic, especially if you can share that wonder with your children! It’s all about awe and wonderment and a little bit about having a part of us that will never grow up!

So here is my latest pattern design, Peony the Flower Sprite. If you flip her she looks like she could just be another flower amongst the garden. Because that’s how the sprites hide isn’t it? 😀 When you search your garden they simple blend in with the beauty around! Don’t believe me? The go search for yourself! ♥

sprite2 sprite3

Happy seeking!

♥ Neen

Adventures in Tatting

You know how you come across something and think “I’ve got to try that!” Well, yesterday I discovered tatting. I spent some time doing the whole Google thing and some Youtube and I was soon itching to give it a go!

Today has been spent in practise mode, learning, stuffing it up and repeating things over and over while blocking out pretty much everything else in the house! Here are my practise pieces…


So excited was I to get stuck in, that I rushed to my local craft store to buy a tatting needle! I guess it’s not something that is in need that often so, not surprisingly, there was no tatting needles to be found. I decided to make do with a long doll making needle. It works well while I’m practising but I do have to be careful not to poke the pointy end into my finger! o.O

I’m unsure as to what I want to sink my teeth into next! A pretty doily? Handkerchief edging? Topping for a Christmas bauble perhaps? Or a nice choker or other jewellery piece? For now I’m just happy to keep my fingers moving and giving my brain a new trick to try! 😀

Happy tatting,

♥ Neen