Tunisian Crochet


So, I’ve had this set of Tunisian crochet hooks that I bought from a shop a couple of years ago! Yes! Years ago! I had seen Tunisian work and had thought I’d love to try it…one day!
Well one day finally came!
I decided to take a break from the normal. It was getting a little tedious and routine anyway. Time to give something new a try.
I started with practising some basic stitches.


YouTube and Google were my friend! After a few hours I though ‘I got this!’ and searched Ravelry for an actual project to sink my teeth into.
Now, just starting out I didn’t want to purchase a pattern so I was on the hunt for something relatively easy, useful and, of course, free. I’m a huge fan of free patterns! I appreciate any artist who offers up their time and knowledge to create a pattern and then generously provide it for free so that others can learn!
I found this pattern, Aspen Bag by Amy Depew and decided to give it a go! It was pretty easy to understand and, along with YouTube, I figured everything out. Considering I’d only been dabbling in Tunisian crochet for a day, I was pretty chuffed with my progress!


And besides, with basic rows like these, once you get the hang of it, it progresses with relative ease!
One thing I discovered about this kind of work is that it curls…a lot! Again…YouTube! I found this helpful video to flatten it and it worked a treat!


And with a little bit of stitching at the end it was done! Now, it’s by no means perfect! There are a few boo boos in there but, honestly, I’m thrilled with how it came together.

My first Tunisian crochet project…yes, I’m taking a bow!



Jumping Jeff!

So, who else loves the iconic Aussie kangaroo? In crochet…? Even better! I designed and wrote this pattern for Lincraft Australia. It uses the Lincraft Double Knitting yarn. He’s now available free online! Go check him out and let everyone know what you think! 🙂
You can find him listed on my Ravelry: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/jumping-jeff-kangaroo

You can find the pattern directly here: https://www.lincraft.com.au/jumping-jeff


Jumping Jeff the Kangaroo