Detox: Day 2, Part 2

Day 2…continued: Vegetables (steamed or boiled) and as much soup as you want.

Read Day 1 and Day 2, Part 1: HERE

So, after my run in with a plate of raw vegetables I was feeling pretty low! Sugar craving was at an all time high! Every time I walked past that last giant blueberry muffin left sitting on the bench I swore at it! Yep…cranky!

Lunch was more soup…I’m so over soup already! I could not live on soup!
Joy is half a fresh corn cob! Yep, I downed that soup and finished with some yummy, juicy, sweet fresh corn! *Bliss*

I started to try and think of a different way to enjoy raw vegetables. Did some Googling and juicing seemed to be a good answer. The reviews all sounded great, I’d get a good dose of those raw veg nutrients in a more pleasant way! Only problem…no juicer!
No worries, I though, I’ll just use the blender!


Ended up with a gritty slop that looked and smelt like sick!
Big pile of NOPE!
I want something SWEET!!

Unfortunately I didn’t get a photo…I was too busy spitting it out and washing it down the sink!

Slumped, disheartened, frustrated, hungry and miserable on the lounge then I remembered…I can have skim milk!! Oh boy! That glass of white goodness never tasted sooooooo good! It’s a 99.8% fat free, lactose free, skim milk high in calcium and added Vitamin D. Best tasting thing ever right in that moment!

Afternoon was a bit of running around and no chance to grab a bite so early dinner instead. A small bowl of soup (yep…over it!) and a plate of steamed capsicum, carrot, snow peas and corn. Better! Because I had such an early dinner, I enjoyed a cup of tea (skim milk, no sugar) for supper once the kids were in bed.

Today was hard! Like almost breaking point hard! I didn’t lick the ice-cream scoop like I really, really wanted to do after giving the kids dessert. I didn’t touch that blueberry muffin that sat there all day taunting me until the kids got home. I didn’t eat the left over spaghetti off my youngest sons plate. I’m in control…I can do this!

Besides…tomorrows breakfast is boiled egg, bacon, tomato and a peach! Can NOT wait!



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