Detox: Day 3

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So, I’ve been thinking about food a lot! Seriously, like every waking minute! A restless sleep last night was all about food! How to prepare it, how to beat the cravings, how to prepare better options. Not only for myself, but for my whole family. It hit me that my children eat what I provide. If they aren’t picking healthy options then it’s because of what I have supplied in the kitchen! And I can’t make a healthy eating change for myself without giving the whole family a shake up!

The older two boys have loved me making them ham and salad sandwiches and chopping up vegetable sticks. The younger two love the unsalted popcorn and array of fresh fruit. They’re all a lot more willing to try some of the ‘strange’ things I’m bringing home then I originally thought! I’m starting to feel like this could work…if only I can maintain it!

This morning I was up early. Why? Because I was super excited for breakfast! On the menu today…

Day 3:

  • Breakfast – Boiled egg with slice of lean bacon and tomato. A peach

  • Mid-Meal – Apple or pear

  • Lunch – Soup

  • Mid-Meal – Small handful of nuts

  • Dinner – Soup

Now…breakfast! I’m not a fan of boiled eggs…I don’t like the yolk by itself so I improvised a little. I took out my non stick skillet and cooked up the bacon and egg with no oils, fats or butter. All I can say is it was so damn good! And that little bit of fat on the bacon (which I usually gobble up with relish), ended up on hubby’s plate! Finished off with my tea with skim milk (no sugar) and a peach. That peach, let me tell you, was pure heaven! I swear it was the juiciest, tastiest, sweetest thing in the world! Breakfast was awesome…I can get through the day!

Breakfast Day 3

I decided to mix up my soups (the thought of another bowl of the veg soup nearly turned my stomach!) so I opted for the chicken and veg soup listed in my little book. I don’t eat ginger, I don’t eat garlic, I haven’t tried coriander, I hate asparagus, and I’ve never been brave enough to touch chilli…but I cooked that soup up and, honestly, the smell was amazing! I’m sure I’ve gained a super sensitive nose for all things fresh!

I ate with trepidation but there was soon a lot of mmmmming and om nom noming! Light but tasty and I felt really satisfied when I was done. I will make that soup again!

Chicken and veg soup!

Afternoon tea wasn’t very exciting and my yearning for something sweet was at an all time high! I even just wanted a piece of fruit just to get a sugar hit but I drank up my sugarless tea with a whimper and reminded myself about tomorrow…tomorrow I can have fruit and some yoghurt! Hang in there girl!

Afternoon snack

This afternoon I’m cranky, I’m irritable, I’m snappy, I’m miserable!

Dinner…soup…yay (insert sarcasm here!)

Tomorrow…tomorrow…hang in there!



12 thoughts on “Detox: Day 3

  1. Still hot on your heels as YOU provide all the inspiration I need to keep ME on track !!!
    Have you tried fruit tea, not terribly exciting when you fancy something sweet I know but the smell is divine LOL
    Instead of soup I’m having shepherdess pie ~ various recipes online which I adapt to whatever I have in my fridge, have a look & see what you think.
    Have you noticed any benefits to you healthier food choices yet ??

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      • I’m making the change ridding the pantry of processed snacks and I’m planning on making a real effort to make more from scratch with better option ingredients (little sugar and fat, more natural and fresh alternatives). I’m working on weekly meal plans as I think knowing what we’re having in advance and preparing for it will save a lot of ‘I don’t know what to have!’ or ‘I can’t be bothered!’ moments! Here’s hoping the kids will all get on board…with little resistance! 🙂

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      • I’ve allocated a baking day to make up school snacks (biscuits, muffins, slices, quiches, etc). Here’s hoping they don’t get devoured as soon as they walk through the door! lol
        And yes, starting at home, just a few small changes but it’s a start. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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