New Pattern Available – Teddy Bear

Isn’t this just the sweetest little crochet bear?
Not only perfect for beginners but for anyone who loves all things cute! ♥
I’ve previously had the honour of testing patterns for Ami by Pots and they’ve been fantastic patterns to work from! ♥

Ami by Pots

The teddy bear pattern is now available on my Etsy store as well as in my Ravelry store. This pattern is just perfect for beginners or those who love to make teddy bear dolls.

Teddy bear - can be made standing up or sitting down, with embroidery eyes or plastic eyes. Teddy bear – can be made standing up or sitting down, with embroidery eyes or plastic eyes.

I am so thankful to be in a wonderful group of like-minded people who love to crochet and make amigurumi dolls. What would I do without my pattern volunteers?


Teddy done by Donna ( Teddy done by Donna (wilmaelee)

Teddy done by The Pixie ( Teddy done by The Pixie (

Teddy done by Tamie Teddy done by Tamie

I really love seeing my dolls made by others. It makes me feel like a proud mama 😀

Anyway, Halloween’s just around the corner. What are you guys doing for Halloween?? 🙂

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How easy was Tat!

Yes, how easy was it to fall in love with tatting?

It’s been a little over a week since I started and I have finally placed an order for some proper tatting needles (insert excited squealy noises here!) I got a little tired of jabbing myself in the finger with the doll needle and I’m enjoying tatting enough to warrant acquiring the necessary tools to progress!

Here are some little pretties I’ve made whilst practicing, along with some ideas for their uses. Hoop arts, headbands, card making, appliques…I’m sure any crafty person could find somewhere to use these little lovelies!


What a wonderful art tatting is. There are some absolutely stunning pieces out there! I truly hope more take it up so it doesn’t become a craft that is lost!


Adventures in Tatting

You know how you come across something and think “I’ve got to try that!” Well, yesterday I discovered tatting. I spent some time doing the whole Google thing and some Youtube and I was soon itching to give it a go!

Today has been spent in practise mode, learning, stuffing it up and repeating things over and over while blocking out pretty much everything else in the house! Here are my practise pieces…


So excited was I to get stuck in, that I rushed to my local craft store to buy a tatting needle! I guess it’s not something that is in need that often so, not surprisingly, there was no tatting needles to be found. I decided to make do with a long doll making needle. It works well while I’m practising but I do have to be careful not to poke the pointy end into my finger! o.O

I’m unsure as to what I want to sink my teeth into next! A pretty doily? Handkerchief edging? Topping for a Christmas bauble perhaps? Or a nice choker or other jewellery piece? For now I’m just happy to keep my fingers moving and giving my brain a new trick to try! 😀

Happy tatting,

♥ Neen

Sharing Seashells

Master 11 came into my craft room yesterday carrying a large rather old looking plastic bag.

He gently placed it on my desk and asked, “Mummy, where did all these come from?”


 I looked in the bag to see hundreds of sea shells that had been stuffed away in the back of a cupboard in the rumpus.

 “Well, when I was your age I used to collect them!”

 “But where do you find shells like these? I’ve never seen them before!”

 And then I realised! No, I haven’t seen shells like some of these on beaches for quite some time! And collecting shells these days is discouraged or, in some places, banned!

 He asked if he could go through them and I agreed, telling him to take care of them. They are 20-30yrs old! He came back after a few hours and he had patiently sorted them into different types and bagged them carefully in new snap-lock bags. 💜

 To me they bring back so many memories and it was lovely to be able to share some of those memories with Master 11 and see he was genuinely interested about the stories that went with them. 😊

I’ve decided I need to think of someway of taking better care of them!
Do you have anything that you’ve kept since childhood?

A Good Day for Yarn

Today I bought my first crochet magazines ever. That’s right, you read that correctly! My first crochet magazines EVER! I grabbed the only two crochet magazines on the newsagency shelf, stuffed down in a bottom corner below all the knitting, scrapbooking and patchwork offerings.

So what did I grab? Simply Crochet Hooked on Handmade issue #32 and Amigurumi Collection (a special collection of all things cute and amigurumi also by Simply Crochet). magsSimply Crochet website    Simply Crochet Facebook

Now, I’m not new to crochet toys. I have my own style and unique ideas but that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate and admire the work of others. The cuteness in the Amigurumi Collection almost makes one go into meltdown! So…much…cuteness!! This book would be a great resource for a beginner. Not only does it have cute little projects but it includes crochet basics, stitches and conversions. It’s well laid out and has lovely colourful photos. It really is just a pleasure to stroll through.

My copy of Simply Crochet came with a free kit of yarn and stitch markers to make a special little bracelet. Again, plenty of interesting things to read, beautiful patterns with wonderful photos all laid out in a lovely magazine. I may be venturing out for the next issue…

Add to that my afternoon trip to my local op shop where I scored a couple of bags of yarnie goodness for a bargain price and it’s been an all round great day in my crochet, yarnie world!


It really is the simple things in life isn’t it!

♥ Neen

Tea in a Teapot

Today is Sunday! Time to relax, refresh and prepare for the week ahead. This morning is time to bring out the teapot and enjoy a cup of tea.


This tea cosy was one of the first projects I made when learning to crochet! My pile of pikelets was at least three times the size but, with a family of six, I’m surprised there are still some on the plate. I love this pikelet recipe! It’s been a go-to since the kids were little. I usually double or triple the recipe just to make sure there is enough for everyone and I always hold onto the hope that there might be some left for afternoon tea. A slather of butter on top…OM NOM NOM! I know it’s not crochet related but we need energy to crochet right?

The recipe comes from “Babies and Toddlers Good Food” an Australian Women’s Weekly cookbook from 1999.


1 cup (150g) self-raising flour

2 tablespoons caster sugar

1 egg, lightly beaten

3/4 cup (180ml) milk, approx.

Combine sifted flour and sugar in bowl; gradually whisk in egg and enough milk to make a thick, smooth batter. Drop spoonful’s onto greased frying pan and cook till bubbles begin to appear. Flip and cook till browned on the other side.

Now, we spread ours in butter and/or with jam or honey or even drizzled with maple syrup! Dare I say some Nutella? They’ll keep in a container for a couple of days but that never seems to happen around here!

I’m pattern writing today (as soon as my last cup of tea is done!). I’m up to about take 4…maybe 5…I’m not sure! But I think I’ve finally got it coming together how I want. Today will no doubt be 2 steps forward, 3 rounds frogged but I’ll keep at it!
Happy crocheting!

♥ Neen

Pattern Testing part 2

Sharing a few more of the patterns that I have tested. Love the designs? Don’t forget to pop over to Ravelry and click on the big heart and add them to your favourites.

Isn’t this little fellow adorable? Yet another gorgeous creation from Smart Apple Creations.

smart apple - Copy

Find this pattern here.

This flip toy created by Ha Handmade really is unique! Is it a shark? Is it a kangaroo? It’s a Sharkanga! The kids are bound to enjoy the novelty of this one!

hahandmade - Copy

Find the pattern here on Ravelry.

This blanket was my first time doing filet crochet. The pattern was easy for a beginner like myself and it finished a great size for baby. I was disappointed that I didn’t notice until after I had finished that the dye lot of my yarn changed for a ball…I will probably try tea dying it to remedy that, and this picture is prior to blocking too. One of many wonderful designs by Peach.Unicorn.

peach unicorn - Copy

Find the pattern for the giraffe blanket here.

Another test I did for Spider Mambo is this beautiful little beanie! I love how the green background emphasises the hearts!

spider mambo - Copy

Newborn heart Beanie is a free download and available on Ravelry.

And, as we come to expect from Cute and Kaboodle, another cute design! This is a handy little organiser to get you beary organised! Get it? Haha! The adorable little bear has moveable limbs too!
cuteandKaboodle - Copy

Find the pattern here on Ravelry.

When a pattern has been through testing it helps those who wish to purchase the pattern know that the majority of kinks have been worked out. We all interpret things differently, crochet differently, use different yarns and have our own style that helps to bring patterns to life. Check out the projects attached to pattern designs to get an idea of how results may vary.

And happy crocheting!
♥ Neen