2015 Designs

It’s been a busy year of creating here in my little corner!

My patterns and designs so far for 2015…


Clementine the Chicken came about after a request for a (as close to life size) chicken that resembled a beloved pet! Love the colours in this lovely girl!


I love this awesome guy! This, again, was a special request. Colours were picked by my customer who followed the design as he grew and took shape.

My spunky Sparky the Dragon!


Looking very sharp in his top hat and vest is Percival the very dapper looking piggy!

pig in mud2

Of course, after meeting Percival, I had to create a new lovey! He certainly does look as

(Happy as a) Pig in Mud!

Twitch the mouse3

Twitch the Mouse was a special request. Her limbs and tail are worked together as you crochet so there is little sewing together with this one. How good is that?

And, one of my pattern testers said Twitch needed to be dressed up a little so…

twitch neen

I made Twitch a dress! This pattern is a free Ravelry download!

Following on from Twitch is another lovey! 🙂

Pattern for Twitch Cheese Mouse Lovey can be found here.

Twitch cheese full


Mitch the Monkey is one of my favourites! He’s so quick to make because the only sewing together is the head onto the body. Limbs, tail and ears are all attached as you crochet! Pattern includes his banana!


Of course, after making Mitch the Monkey I had an idea for a lovey! Here was the end result…

Going Bananas Monkey Lovey!

My Mini Mythologypattern set includes the instructions to make all three of these awesome characters. So…who’s your favourite? Find the pattern here!

In keeping with my mythology love we have the Medusa Lovey! Pattern here.


flowersprite1Peony the Flower Sprite pattern can be found here.

moleratpatternA cute (?) version of a naked mole rat! Are naked mole rats cute? Haha

Find his pattern here.

 Jack O’Lantern! Find the pattern here.


It’s an invasion! Allan the Alien, Alien Lovey and Little Alien in Spaceship!

Read about them here.


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