SomeBunny Has Attitude!

Introducing Blink Bunny. A bunny full of attitude! Haha!

I took up the challenge of bringing the Blink 182 bunny to life in crochet. Now, I admit it, I had to Google who/what that meant! (Ok, ok, so there was a time, in my youth, when I was a bit more into the whole music scene. These days it’s more singing along with The Wiggles and knowing every theme song to every children’s show known to man! So please forgive me!)

I love how he turned out and, because I don’t own the rights to this character, I have made him available for free from my Ravelry store. I hope you enjoy him. ♥

Find him with the rest of my free patterns in my blog here: Blink Bunny

Head straight to the free pattern on Ravelry here: Blink Bunny