Sharing Seashells

Master 11 came into my craft room yesterday carrying a large rather old looking plastic bag.

He gently placed it on my desk and asked, “Mummy, where did all these come from?”


 I looked in the bag to see hundreds of sea shells that had been stuffed away in the back of a cupboard in the rumpus.

 “Well, when I was your age I used to collect them!”

 “But where do you find shells like these? I’ve never seen them before!”

 And then I realised! No, I haven’t seen shells like some of these on beaches for quite some time! And collecting shells these days is discouraged or, in some places, banned!

 He asked if he could go through them and I agreed, telling him to take care of them. They are 20-30yrs old! He came back after a few hours and he had patiently sorted them into different types and bagged them carefully in new snap-lock bags. 💜

 To me they bring back so many memories and it was lovely to be able to share some of those memories with Master 11 and see he was genuinely interested about the stories that went with them. 😊

I’ve decided I need to think of someway of taking better care of them!
Do you have anything that you’ve kept since childhood?