Detox Day 5

Wondering how I’ve made it this far! Oh, that’s right! I’ve noticed some positive changes! 🙂

  • Over 4 days I’ve lost 2.2kg (Not the main goal of the detox but I won’t complain! 🙂 And that’s without really doing any exercise…just my usual day to day routine.)

And before anyone jumps on me about healthy weight loss and how I can’t maintain it, this is just a 1 week detox from rubbish and a beginning to healthy eating. I’ve regonised when I’m hungry (I haven’t felt that sensation in a long time!!) and I now recognise when I’m full. This is learning to eat right, make better choices, and listen to my body.

  • I feel less bloated.
  • I’ve had no sugar (aside from naturally in my fruit and veg) and I’ve noticed my ‘sugar headache’ has just become a niggle, rather than a constant head thumping ache.
  • My sugar cravings are leading me to want a piece of fruit!
  • My skin is clearing up!
  • I’m more positive with the kids.
  • My patience has certainly improved. (Yes, I’ve been cranky and irritable in the afternoon/evenings but it’s usually short lived or solved my removing myself from the situation of temptation!)
  • I feel good. Yes, I’ve had some down moments but that’s to be expected! I feel good about my choice to detox from sugar and other crap and I feel good that I’ve stuck with it! I feel good that I’m making a positive change that has forced me to re-access how I live my life!

Will I ever eat a piece of cake again? Sure I will! I’ll just make a better, healthier choice or take the smaller piece! I don’t want to deprive myself of anything. I just have to remember that it’s a ‘treat’ not an everyday food of unlimited portion size…and I DON’T have to finish off everything and I am in control of what goes in my mouth.

So, menu for today will end on a high…oh the anticipation! 🙂

Day 5:

  • Breakfast: Scramble 2 eggs with capsicum and shallots. No oil.

  • Mid Meal: Small handful of nuts

  • Lunch: Soup

  • Mid Meal: Apple or pear

  • Dinner: 150g lean beef or skinless chicken, grilled, with salad, low-fat dressing.

Breakfast…yeah, not fussed actually! Great colour, lovely smell but I’m not a huge capsicum fan and I added too much! Some salt would have improved it a lot…and a slice of toast…but I finished it and, as usual, washed it down with my sugarless tea with skim milk.

This morning I’m off to watch the boys play rugby league football. At least it gets me out and about so I’m not sitting at home dreading that bowl of vegetable soup for lunch! As we hopped out of the car at the football fields I’m hit with the smell of food!

Oh no!

Just up the road I can smell KFC and McDonalds!

Smells good!

No, wait…it smells oily and fatty…don’t want!

But I do!

No I don’t!

But I do!

No, no, no…

Inside the football grounds I small pies, chips and gravy, sausage rolls!


I would have been better off at home. Although I guess it’s when I’m out that some of the worst choices are grabbed without thought! This could be a good thing! Resist, resist, resist…eat those healthy nuts instead!

Home again and it’s almost time for lunch. Soup…*gag*

As I retrieve a bowl from the table with half an uneaten muffin sitting, staring back at me in the bottom, I realise that dieting with kids is hard! Discovering I don’t have to finish off their meal is a big thing! I’m not saving or benefiting in any way by eating up their remnants. I’m not doing the world some huge favour…I’m taking in unnecessary food and I usually don’t even realise I’m doing it or register it as food consumption for the day.

It’s just…habit! Time to nip that one in the butt and make sure I never start doing it again!

Afternoon tea is an apple and a cup of my green detoxing tea. I find the tea bearable now…not great…but bearable!

So excited for dinner! Like ridiculously excited!! I started preparing early and my 12yr old jumped in to help get the salad ready. Leafy greens, sugar snap peas, red capsicum, carrot, tomato, pineapple (for them, not me!) and cucumber. Could not wait!

I enjoyed that steak and my pile of salad with just a dash of low fat Caesar salad dressing soooooo much! I kept having to remind myself to slow down and simply enjoy it for fear of indigestion!

What a great pick me up! A fantastic way to end the day! Only 2 more days to go and then I’ll be trying to live what I’ve learnt and keep the ‘healthy’ in my diet. I got this!

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Detox: Day 4

Another restless night, again a brain that won’t be quiet as it thinks of food.
How it affects my life, how it affects my family.
I have discovered through all of this that I’m a sweet tooth. I have always finished every meal with something sweet! Whether it be a sugar filled cup of tea, dessert, biscuit, cake or chocolate…I have always had a sugar hit after every meal! Now there’s a wake up call!

This detox diet has me yo-yo-ing daily between anticipation or dread for the next meal! The anticipation of something new and yummy is about the only thing keeping me going right now! The thought of the dreaded vegetable soup makes me sick to my stomach!

On the menu today…

Day 4:

  • Breakfast – a punnet of strawberries with 100g of low-fat yoghurt

  • Mid Meal – A small handful of nuts and fruit

  • Lunch – Soup

  • Mid Meal – An orange

  • Dinner – Soup

I went to market yesterday and brought myself a gorgeous, vibrant, sweet smelling punnet of farm fresh local strawberries in anticipation of this breakfast! Now that right there is a bowl full of yum!

Breakfast Day 4

Morning tea was alright but I knew the soup was coming up! Wanting to quit! I mean, who would know if I chowed down on a sandwich or gobbled up an apple…?

Me! I’d know! Only cheating myself right?

Soup…blah! Couldn’t finish the last mouthful! Washed it down with a glass of my skim milk (see…sweet hit…but at least it’s a healthy option and it’s on my list of things I can have!)

Food…thinking about food…all the time!

Decided to get in and make the kids some banana muffins for afternoon tea. What an awesome idea right? Wrong!
Without thinking I licked the batter off my finger!

Why? Why would I do that? TASTES SO GOOD!

Help! Help me! I’m caving….

Oh no, the smell! I forgot they’d smell so…damn…good!

Why would I do this to myself? Stupid! I want to cry, I want to give it all up and chow down on one of those muffins! Thank goodness it’s time to leave the house and get the children from school…resisting…

Afternoon tea, I shut myself in my craft room while I listen to my boys go on about how good they are and ‘Thanks Mum! They’re yum!’ Yay me… Oh, hello orange! I’ll eat you instead of a yummy muffin… *sulk*

Actually really enjoyed that orange! Sweet, juicy…I’m happy again. Until I think of dinner…


Finished up that soup while sulking! I want to cry, I want to throw it out the window, I WANT A BOWL OF ICE-CREAM FOR DESSERT TOO DAMN IT!! *sulk, sulk, sulk*

I made it! Finishing off the day with a cup of sugarless tea with skim milk. I keep drinking this tea expecting it to hit me with sugar. When I don’t get it I feel disappointed but just the comfort of the warm liquid seems to be enough for now. Today has been rough!

Tomorrow I get to eat a steak! Hang in there!

Tomorrow I’ll share some noticeable changes! They’re good…they’re part of what keeps me going! To anyone else wanting to turn their life around, don’t ever be afraid to start and for those trying, keep going! You can do it!

Hang in there!

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Detox: Day 1 and Day 2, Part 1!

So, we’ve all heard about having a detox right? Suppose to be good for you and all that? There are so many different ones out there that’s for sure! Well, I decided to give one a go!
You know, feeling sluggish, tired, eating WAY too much junk and piling on the weight! I figured it was time to perhaps reset my body and retrain my tastebuds to go for an apple over a muffin, an orange over biscuits, some unsalted nuts over potato chips…you get the idea!

I mean, really, when I sat back and looked at my diet…let’s just say it was bad…like embarrassingly bad! There were days were it consisted of no fruit or vegetables at all! Way too much processed food and cups of tea with heaps of sugar spaced regularly throughout the day…yeah, yeah…not good! But it’s all about being honest with myself! I want to be healthy and live long enough to annoy my children in their adult years!

So…I found a kick-start soup diet!
So far I’m into day two! Yes…that’s all! Day two! Longest day of my life!

My journey so far…

Day one: Fruit and as much soup as you like!

Sounds easy enough!
And, honestly, aside from a constant headache (most likely because my body is screaming “WHERE DID YOU PUT THE SUGAR??”) the day went pretty smoothly!
I had a moment when the children came home from school and ate up the (more delicious smelling than usual) muffins. No I didn’t take one! And I even managed to NOT eat the chunk my youngest left on his plate! I did poke at it and a little voice in my head said, “Go on! It’s just a bite!” I told her to shut up and chucked it in the bin! Hard times!

As my family gobbled up their sausages, creamy pasta and vegies, I ate my soup! Smelling the scents of their dinner and willing myself not to just chow down on a sausage! Compared to their dinner, mine felt bland and tasteless!
When they pulled out the ice-cream for dessert I went and hid in my craft room! I can do this! I ate an orange! Feeling better, tired and a tad irritable, but better!

Now, day two, present day…

Day two: Vegetables (steamed or boiled) and as much soup as you like!

This will be hard! Where’s the sweets! Oh I want the sweets! Wahhhhhhhhh!
Ok, I’m good now!
So, breakfast…I cheated! The thought of having vegetables OR soup for breakfast just made me feel ill! So half an apple and some cherries instead! We’ll get back on track for morning tea!
Off to the shops this morning! And, aside from the white bread and full cream milk for the kids, my trolley looks really good! A rainbow of colour and healthy choices! Feels good! Driving home I can smell the freshness of fruit and vegetables and I’m a tad surprised that I actually enjoy the smell and can’t wait to get stuck into some!
So home and morning tea…


Looks delightful doesn’t it!
No, no and a hole pile of nope! I’m not a fan of raw vegetables so I’ve just discovered! Tomato…tomato is about the only raw veg I enjoy! Come on tastebuds! You can do this!

The detox tea I found in my travels at the shop and it read…

“…contains dandelion root and milk thistle…we’ve also added the fresh taste of orange, lemon and hints of ginger and mint – so you feel like you’re indulging, not detoxing! …a naturally mellow and sweet tasting green tea base so there is no need to add milk and sugar.”

LIES…it’s all LIES! There’s NO sweet! NO SWEET!! Arghhhhh!

I downed that plate of tasteless, unsweet raw crunchy pieces of colour and downed the cup of detox tea with a grimace while trying to remind myself I’m doing my body some good!

 Today is going to suck…!

Tea in a Teapot

Today is Sunday! Time to relax, refresh and prepare for the week ahead. This morning is time to bring out the teapot and enjoy a cup of tea.


This tea cosy was one of the first projects I made when learning to crochet! My pile of pikelets was at least three times the size but, with a family of six, I’m surprised there are still some on the plate. I love this pikelet recipe! It’s been a go-to since the kids were little. I usually double or triple the recipe just to make sure there is enough for everyone and I always hold onto the hope that there might be some left for afternoon tea. A slather of butter on top…OM NOM NOM! I know it’s not crochet related but we need energy to crochet right?

The recipe comes from “Babies and Toddlers Good Food” an Australian Women’s Weekly cookbook from 1999.


1 cup (150g) self-raising flour

2 tablespoons caster sugar

1 egg, lightly beaten

3/4 cup (180ml) milk, approx.

Combine sifted flour and sugar in bowl; gradually whisk in egg and enough milk to make a thick, smooth batter. Drop spoonful’s onto greased frying pan and cook till bubbles begin to appear. Flip and cook till browned on the other side.

Now, we spread ours in butter and/or with jam or honey or even drizzled with maple syrup! Dare I say some Nutella? They’ll keep in a container for a couple of days but that never seems to happen around here!

I’m pattern writing today (as soon as my last cup of tea is done!). I’m up to about take 4…maybe 5…I’m not sure! But I think I’ve finally got it coming together how I want. Today will no doubt be 2 steps forward, 3 rounds frogged but I’ll keep at it!
Happy crocheting!

♥ Neen