Tunisian Crochet


So, I’ve had this set of Tunisian crochet hooks that I bought from a shop a couple of years ago! Yes! Years ago! I had seen Tunisian work and had thought I’d love to try it…one day!
Well one day finally came!
I decided to take a break from the normal. It was getting a little tedious and routine anyway. Time to give something new a try.
I started with practising some basic stitches.


YouTube and Google were my friend! After a few hours I though ‘I got this!’ and searched Ravelry for an actual project to sink my teeth into.
Now, just starting out I didn’t want to purchase a pattern so I was on the hunt for something relatively easy, useful and, of course, free. I’m a huge fan of free patterns! I appreciate any artist who offers up their time and knowledge to create a pattern and then generously provide it for free so that others can learn!
I found this pattern, Aspen Bag by Amy Depew and decided to give it a go! It was pretty easy to understand and, along with YouTube, I figured everything out. Considering I’d only been dabbling in Tunisian crochet for a day, I was pretty chuffed with my progress!


And besides, with basic rows like these, once you get the hang of it, it progresses with relative ease!
One thing I discovered about this kind of work is that it curls…a lot! Again…YouTube! I found this helpful video to flatten it and it worked a treat!


And with a little bit of stitching at the end it was done! Now, it’s by no means perfect! There are a few boo boos in there but, honestly, I’m thrilled with how it came together.

My first Tunisian crochet project…yes, I’m taking a bow!